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The strategy is established to support children in achieving academic success and to empower their parents and nieghborhood residents to tackle the challenges created by the societal ills of low student achivement, poverty, poor health, teen pregnancy, and substance abuse. This comprehensive strategy has four parts, academic enhancement, civic and social engagement, physical development and community empowerment.


Academic Enhancement: The foundation is the converner of a broad based partnership designed to attract resources spanning the private, political and corporate spectrum. These resources are organized to focus on one objective: academic enhancement for the children through the provision of a rigorous student centric academic program with the mission of success for all children. Below are current programs facilitating this goal:

        Matthew Henson Institute of Virtual Learning

        Local to Global Initiative (Partnership with Coppin State University)


Civic and Social Engagement: Every month the foundation sponsors a school wide activity aimed at deepening the children's civic and social engagement prospects. All of the shcool's 4th and 5th graders are invited to participate in the activity. Below are examples of activities that have taken place:

        Regular Field Trips

            Maryland General Assembly

            Office of Baltimore City State's Attorney and Distrcit Courts

        Interactive Workshops

            Gang Intervention Seminar

            Carred Day Fairs

            Annual Family Fun Festivals


Physical Development of the Neighborhood: It is the foundation's intention to sponsor projects and activity which strengthens the physical development of the neighborhood. Below are projects designed to achieve this objective:

        Matthew Henson Greening Project

        Education/Recreation Center

        Fraternity Outreach Center


Community Empowerment: The foundation realizes the need to empower residents to address adults to challenges created by societal ills. Below are examples of programs offered at the fraternity center which addresses this need:

        Adult Education Classes

        Community-Based Computer Lab

        Health/Wellness Seminars

        Parenting Workshops

        Family Meal Time